Safety Recalls VS Product Campaigns

I was so excited to finally have a chance to sit down and edit a quick video for publishing over the weekend!  Until I realized that I had managed to record an entire motovlog with no audio....DOPE!!!

The plan for the video (I'm going to reshoot it) is to explain the difference between safety recalls (which is semi common knowledge) and product campaigns.  I figured I might as well put this information in writing, too.  I do, after all, have this way of getting knowledge to everyone, also!

In super short, a safety recall is an instance that a motor company (in this case HD) decides that there is a known problem that can hurt a rider or damage the motorcycle.  A commonly known one is the clutch recall from 2014-2016.  In that case, a bike that sits for long periods of time can allow air into the hydraulic system leading to a loss of clutch actuation.  Once the motor company has a fix for the issue, kits are sent to dealers, and they correct the issue free of charge to the customer.

A product campaign is very similar in the sense that it does not cost the customer/owner anything out of pocket.  The difference is why and how it works on the dealer level.  Unlike a recall, it isn't a safety issue, but rather a quality control issue.  An example of this would be the campaign from 2012 involving voltage regulators.  Back then, it was discovered that the voltage regulators would quit working once they got hot.  After a bit of riding, the battery would go dead because the charging system had failed!  Once the affected batch of regulators was narrowed down, a product campaign was issued to replace the faulty units.  Campaigns are also different from recalls because they expire.  While a recall will always be honored for free, a campaign will generally expire after 2 years from the date it began.

The reason I bring all of this up is because I would like to start announcing "news" like recalls and campaigns, but not take up a Wednesday video to do it.  More than likely, I will post this second video on Fridays when there is information that needs to be known.  You can start looking for these extra videos as soon as I learn how to use a microphone!!!

I'm glad to have this blog and the channel to share information to the masses.  Let me know below if your bike has been involved in either a campaign or a recall, and what it involved!